Father Bashobora being on a retreat in Poland – exactly in Białystok – encouraged to come to Uganda. Just to be with the kids , play volleyball with them. We could watch it thanks to transmission in IZYDOR.TV.
He couldn’t be more convincing! Our family loves volleyball!
First my wife, then children and finally I started to bounce the ball often making laugh the other “professional” players in my family. Going for the first time to Africa we took all the necessary equipment to play volleyball – balls, lines and net. And above all our Polish Junior Champion now Medicine Universities with his mom – coach! Talking about Adam and my wife Ania. Since our kids could stand on their feet they played volleyball with their mommy of course.

What we have seen in Africa was beautiful as well as sad. A whole group of girls from Father Bash’s school, located just right across our hospital, playing volleyball with enthusiasm is a beautiful and unforgettable sight. Noise, dust, total passion! The field is another topic. Like in Africa …beaten threshing floor with dried grass, small pebbles and “lines” made from furrows excavated for about 5-10 cm of soil… You can easily injure yourself or sprain a leg. You had to hold one of the poles – it was so rusty that it bend towards the field and the net kept falling. Or something like a net.
We did one training in those conditions and we decided to build a beach volleyball court. The climate was perfect – always sunny and warm. You can play all the time!
Our local friend warned us that building a field like that could be a challenge in those conditions, that we could not make it in a month that is until our departure to Poland. They were a little bit right.

We needed 6 trucks of sand, poles, cement, water, tools and mostly people to work. Everything in Africa is based on hand work. The heat bothered us. It went hard at first. Ania, however, came up with a great idea. She took the three men, who came to unload the trucks with the sand and to spread it, for dinner. It was a shock for them! Next to the hospital, in a container, in which arrived goods from England a few years back, there is currently a bar. We went there to eat (maybe I will elaborate on this topic another time – it is also an incredible one!). The men could get whatever they wanted. The menu was modest however you could get chicken. In one word meat! They ate their fill and went to work. Two days and it was done. I will add a small digression about the chicken in Uganda. It is a royal meal! A friend told me, that once being in that country he was invited with his wife for a Christmas Eve supper. When they arrived there was a chicken roasting in the fire. One. It had to be enough for a festive meal for them and 16 (in words: sixteen) members of the family. And it was enough! To go with that they had a bottle of coca-cola. It is a special ocasion drink in that region of the world. Going back to the volleyball court – in two days they brought the sand, spread it, welded and cemented new poles. It was with these poles that something “amazing” happened. First, we decided how big the court was going to be and where the poles will stand. So “by eye”, measuring out by steps and putting rocks. When I jumped out of the hospital for a moment to check how the work was going, I noticed that one of the poles was standing half meter closer than I measured earlier. However, I did not have the conscience to ask these people to change it. It was very hot. I saw that they were very tired. The dag those holes for a few hours in a totally dry crust of soil with something like a large machete-knives. Centimeter after centimeter. We agreed that they will pour the cement and it will be fine.

The next day I went with my son to put the net up. White, “professional”, with a metal strand. Luxury!
The poles where stable. Concrete as concrete – not to be moved. On each pole two handles. Only one pole was standind not where it was suppose to stand. We hooked the first handle, then the second one at the top. We approach the second pole and the same, only in reverse order. First at the top then pulling the metal strand we came closer to the last, fourth handle. Not one centimeter too close or too far. It fit perfectly! We really didn’t measure it before. There was no time.
My son looked at me and I looked at him… We both looked up, at the sky. We were surprised and amazed at once! We were sure it was God’s plan!