Ultrasound diagnostic and training center – an existing project.

The medical aspect in our actions is closest to us due to what we do everyday. Especially ultrasound which is essential as well as fascintaing in obstetrics and gynecology.

That was the beggining of our adventure with Africa in 2015. As we all know in Africa there is a lot of children and the number is still rising. They become often and quickly real orphans or “social” ones – their real family abandonds them due to lack of ability to provide for them. From this perspective, one can and must look at the problem of women. They are the ones who give birth after all. Children’s drama is the women’s drama!

Both – women and children are the victims of this difficult situation.

We try to help women which leads to helping their children and families.

We wish to contribute our small part in the process of improving health education, prevention, diagnostics and curing diseases among women especially in childbearing age.

Ultrasound is a fantastic tool in medicine. Basing on what we have – seven (!) ultrasounds are already in Africa and one is planned – this year we would like to continue diagnostics and start a series of courses in the field of ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology.

The first one will be held soon in the created for almost three years Mbarara Ultrasound Center by Divine Mercy Hospital, operating within the foundation of Father Bashobora in Uganda.

The event will take place thanks to support of many people who joined in the help campaign under our previous activity in the Abba Pater Foundation.

Thank you very much!

Special thanks go to Medinco company from Poznań – authorized GE representative in Poland – for organizing the ultrasound equipment.